Mineral binder with ultra-rapid setting and hardening, specific for stopping water seepage. Resistant to both positive and negative hydraulic pressures. Setting start 40 seconds. 

Microporous membrane, water repellent, breathable, elastic made of alkali-resistant polypropylene. Interposed between the first and second coat in AQUARESET TEXTURE (A+B) and AQUAPROOF GEOLASTIC (A+B) systems, ensures elastic waterproofing and permanent crack-bridging ability. 

Fibre-glass mesh, alkali-resistant for reinforcing AQUAPROOF GEOLASTIC membrane and cement smoothing. 


Waterproof elastic FPO alkali-resistant strip ideal for sealing perimeter joints in waterproofing cement or elastomer systems. Fields of application: to seal perimeter connections between floor and wall, fraction joints, for waterproofing on roofing, roof terraces, terraces, balconies, made with cement systems or with liquid membranes. Assures continuity of waterproofing over time.